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Many people move from house to house and take their precious vinyl with them in boxes that are immediately stored in the new attic. Turntables sold, CDs bought and no way to play their vinyl, but the vinyl remains.Alternatively, it may be as a result of a bereavement that you would like to find a way to sell your loved ones vinyl, without effectively giving it away in a house clearance. This site gives you the opportunity to convert that stored asset into cash. 


If you wish to sell your vinyl, I am willing to provide an estimate of what I am willing to give you in exchange for the vinyl. My estimates will be realistic, but if I think I cannot sell your vinyl, I reserve the right to give a £0 estimate. The estimate will be based on Artist, Title, Release, Condition of vinyl and Condition of cover – all these elements can affect the valuations of a record.


If you live in the Cardiff, Newport, Vale of Glamorgan and Valleys area, I will be willing to visit and examine the vinyl (take notes and photos) and provide an estimate within 1 week of the visit. Alternatively, you can post the vinyl to me for examination – however, if in this instance, you do not want to accept my valuation, you will need to bear the postage costs for the return of the vinyl (you will also need to provide an inventory of the albums you send and I will cross check before valuing).


Lastly, you can send quality photos  of the cover (front and back, and inside of gatefold albums), both sides of vinyl and labels (there must be no flash effects on the photos) – this last option will generate lower valuations due to the risk factors. To get in touch please click the link below and fill in the online form with as many details as possible and we'll get straight back to you. 



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