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Have you ever heard of Lobsang Rampa? Me neither, but apparently he is slightly better known than Totty. Famous for his books about the occult and the paranormal, it may give you an idea about where this band were coming from. I’m not sure they took any direction from Black Sabbath, but their music could be seen to be heading towards the West Country at the turn of the 70’s. Being a three piece, two of whom were (I think) brothers Dennis and Byron, from whom the band presumably take their name, their sound probably lacks a little of the depth of Osbourne’s crew.

And that, sadly, is about as much as I can find out about this band. I can only assume they became spies for the CIA later in life as all mention of them appears to have been erased. I suspect the Russians have something on them…..

Totty -Totty

  • TITLE: Totty

    ARTIST: Totty

    LABEL: Our First Record Company

    CAT NO: BT 205

    RELEASED: 2010

    FORMAT: Vinyl LP album with lyric insert

    GENRE: Rock

    VINYL: Ex

    LABEL: Ex

    COVER: Ex

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