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The band got together in 1974 when they met at Aberystwyth University and have now been playing together (with slightly different line-ups) for over 30 years. Celtic influences were very much in vogue at this time (Alain Stivell was breaking through) and Mynediad am Ddim were part of this trend. However they were also a fun band, even their name (‘Free Admission’ in English) caused confusion with promoters and poster readers. This album was their 4th and last vinyl release on the SAIN label and shows the band going back to traditional Welsh folk material. ‘Torth o Fara’, meaning ‘Loaf of bread’ has sleeve notes in 5 languages (Welsh, English, Breton, French and German). Many of the songs are sung a cappella style, which proved really effective, while others, such as ‘Bwythyn Nain’ (Grandmother’s cottage) is certainly in the Stivell style, with flowing electric guitar and tin whistle supporting some excellent vocals.

Overall, this is a great album which showcases a sample of the fabulous traditional Welsh folk music and has insured that this music will justifiably live on.

Mynediad am ddim - Torth O Fara

  • TITLE: Torth O Fara

    ARTIST: Mynediad am ddim


    CAT NO: SAIN 1137M

    RELEASED: 1978

    FORMAT: Vinyl LP album


    GENRE: Folk

    VINYL: Ex

    LABEL: Ex

    COVER: Ex

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