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Well, this is a marmite album – you love it or hate it, as it is a bit weird, even by 1968 standards. Ironically, the band have their roots in American acoustic folk, but then they found electricity and it all went a bit strange. The closest track on this album to a hit single was ‘Bird song’, which gained prominence as one of the tracks on the film ‘Easy Rider’ and its soundtrack. Best played loud with the lights down low and a glass of something strong. Brilliant example of a great collectible mono album.

The Moray Eels eat The Holy Modal Rounders

  • TITLE: The Moray Eels eat The Holy Modal Rounders

    ARTIST: The Holy Modal Rounders


    CAT NO: EKL 4026

    RELEASED: 1969

    FORMAT: Vinyl mono LP album


    GENRE: Folk Rock

    VINYL: Ex

    LABEL: Ex

    COVER: Ex

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