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First and foremost, try to get your head around the early 70’s, the popularity in those days of a concept album (if you are from the 80’s or later, ask your mum or dad) and a record company giving free reign to a band to ‘explore their musical artistry to the fullest’. It’s a little like trying to understand why dinosaurs don’t still rule the earth.

It was a fashion. Heaven knows why but clearly record companies thought they could perhaps capture the romanticism of a novel, or a dream or a drug fuelled experience and that the public would fall for it. And you know what? Hell, we did.

Home - The alchemist

  • TITLE: The alchemist

    ARTIST: Home


    CAT NO: 65550

    RELEASED: 1973

    FORMAT: Vinyl gatefold LP album


    GENRE: Rock


    LABEL: Ex

    COVER: Ex

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