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Picture the scene…circa household 1970. One impressionable youth finding his way through the local record store on a Saturday morning

Mum, mum, can I buy the latest LP by The Abstract Truth?

Never heard of them came the reply…Who are they? Don’t know. What’s the sleeve look like? They look like ‘Free’. What about the inner gatefold? It’s all black, bar a bit of white writing? How much music is on there? About half an hour? WHAT? Get out of here, no way are we wasting money on a band of scruffs that I’ve never heard of, who can’t be bothered to put anything on the sleeve and only knock out half an hour of music, tops….

And so that little lad saves his efforts for another day, goes off to spend his £1.99 on the new Zeppelin LP, thereby consigning this LP to a missed opportunity, a place in history from which magic may have started, but sadly failed to fully materialise. We missed an important milestone. Have a read of the review…

The Abstract Truth - Silver Trees

  • TITLE: Silver Trees

    ARTIST: The Abstract Truth

    LABEL: Parlophone

    CAT NO: PCSJ(D)12065

    RELEASED: 1970

    FORMAT: Vinyl gatefold LP album

    COUNTRY: South Africa

    GENRE: Folk Rock


    LABEL: Ex


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