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The 1981 album ‘Strange affair’ by the little known band Al et Al on the small ‘Arny’s Shack’ label has become a cult album, and for good reason. This was the only album the band produced before going on to follow there ‘real’ careers. The writing of Allan Thompson is excellent, with great contemporary folk music and a mix of melancholy and humour in the lyrics – I suspect that he went on to become a psychiatrist, as the whole group seem to have been at Southampton University in 1981 when the album was produced. I must also give credit to the fantastic artwork on the cover (possibly one of the best covers ever) which was done by Jill Cassidy.

Al et Al - Strange Affair

  • TITLE: Strange Affair

    ARTIST: Al et Al

    LABEL: Arny’s Shack

    CAT NO: AS 057

    RELEASED: 1981

    FORMAT: Vinyl LP album


    GENRE: Folk Rock

    VINYL: Ex

    LABEL: Ex

    COVER: Ex

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