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Oh my. Here I am in 2017 worrying about the political fallout from the latest executive order signed whereas when the music to this LP was produced the world was still reeling from the fallout of the Profumo scandal, one of the biggest post-war scandals to hit the British government at the time. Does the world change much? Hell yes it does and listening to this LP confirms that.

This is smoky London basement club fodder, girls in mini skirts, London starting to build its reputation as the centre of the music industry, via sounds like this one. Harmonica’s, electric guitars the likes of which you don’t hear played anymore in this fashion, backing vocals, do-be-doo’s. All thrown together to come up with a bluesy outpouring replicated across many bands of the time.

We will never ever go back to those times, but buy this and you can re-create much of it in your listening studio, bar perhaps the mini skirted girls. A fine example of 60’s blues / rock which set the scene for years to come. Utterly brilliant.

Spencer Davis Group - Every Little Bit Hurts

  • TITLE: Every Little Bit Hurts

    ARTIST: The Spencer Davis Group

    LABEL: Wing

    CAT NO: WL1165

    RELEASED: 1968

    FORMAT: Vinyl LP album mono


    GENRE: Rock

    VINYL: VG+

    LABEL: Ex


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