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Released on the Bill Leader’s fabulous TRAILER label, this was Jon Raven’s fourth album, but his only release on TRAILER. He was very ably assisted by folk royalty in Nic Jones and Tony Rose on this album, although it was clearly one of Jon’s pet projects. The insert that comes with this album is critical, as it was written by Jon and gives a brilliant overview of what he was trying to achieve and also really clear backgrounds behind each song and then details about the song itself. These notes are really illuminating and allows you to draw so much more from the songs when you listen to the album.

As a result, the album is a magnificent historical recording of how folk songs were used to reflect the feelings of many individuals in post Industrial Revolution Britain.

Of course, the singing and music is of the highest order, especially when you take into consideration the class line up and I promise you will not be disappointed even if you have high expectations. This is not just a work of art, it has tremendous historical importance as far as the songs and the subjects are concerned. Marvellous.

Raven - Jon Raven, Nic Jones, Tony Rose - Songs of a changing world

  • TITLE: Songs of a changing world

    ARTIST: Jon Raven Nic Jones Tony Rose


    CAT NO: LER 2083

    RELEASED: 1973

    FORMAT: Vinyl LP album with insert


    GENRE: Folk

    VINYL: Ex

    LABEL: Ex

    COVER: VG+

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