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This was Bridget St John’s second album on John Peel’s Dandelion label. It has a different feel to her first album, as the vocals and guitar have been augmented by significant strings, brass and woodwind. This was the impact that Ron Geesin brought in his role as Producer. As a result, the album has a warmth that draws you in and gives you a cuddle. Despite vigorous marketing by Dandelion, the album was sadly a commercial failure.

Bridget’s vocals are fantastic with a lovely contralto being compared to Nico. She writes most of the tracks, with the addition of John Martyn’s ‘Back to stay’ and Donovan’s ‘The pebble and the man’.

This is probably Bridget’s finest album and in many ways is exceptional. While some of the lyrics are dark and reflect her desire to find a gentle soul to love her, these are poignant, not the despondency you may find in Nick Drake’s lyrics. It’s a very mellow album with Bridget’s slightly husky voice exploring wistful romances, seeking refuge in rural or seaside idylls and her voice expresses the very gentleness she seeks in her man.

St John - Bridget St John - Songs for the gentle man

  • TITLE: Songs for the gentle man

    ARTIST: Bridget St John

    LABEL: Dandelion

    CAT NO: DAN 8007

    RELEASED: 1971

    FORMAT: Vinyl gatefold LP album


    GENRE: Folk Rock


    LABEL: Ex

    COVER: Ex

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