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Mick Softley, a friend of Donovan (he taught Donovan cross-picking guitar techniques) who persuaded him to record an album ‘Songs for swingin’ survivors’ in 1965. Unfortunately, Mick hated the experience and didn’t record again for 5 years. Despite that, the album has some real gems and is considered one of the rarest ‘60’s folk albums and a real collectors’ item these days. It’s one of the first UK singer/songwrite folk albums in a contemporary style, doubtless influenced by Bob Dylan. In the UK, only Donovan and Bert Jansch were taking this new approach.

All in all, Mick was well ahead of the game and this album is really rather excellent and one of the forgotten gems that helped the direction of the 60’s folk revival. Highly recommended.

Softley - Mick Softley - Songs for swingin' survivors

  • TITLE: Songs for swinging survivors

    ARTIST: Mick Softley

    LABEL: Columbia

    CAT NO: 33SX 1781

    RELEASED: 1965

    FORMAT: Vinyl LP album Mono


    GENRE: Folk Rock


    LABEL: Ex

    COVER: VG+

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