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Do not mistake this lady for Kathy Smith the fitness instructor from the 80/90’s or Cathy Smith (whose name alone she was associated with after a mis-spelling at the IoW 1970 festival) who injected John Belushi with a fatal dose of heroin. Kathy Smith released two LP’s on Richie Havens Story Forest label in the early 70’s. The label was short lived as was Kathy’s career. More’s the pity…..have a look at the review

Smith Kathy - Some songs I've saved - Kathy Smith

  • TITLE: Some songs I've saved

    ARTIST: Kathy Smith

    LABEL: Polydor

    CAT NO: 2310 - 081

    RELEASED: 1970

    FORMAT: Vinyl gatefold LP album


    GENRE: Folk

    VINYL: Ex

    LABEL: Ex


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