Hands up everyone who remembers ‘A whiter shade of Pale’. OK, so probably slightly more than those of you who believe we landed on the moon in 1969. For a band who probably had more memory in their Hammond organ than NASA did as they attempted to land a tin can upright on a rocky outcrop, I suspect it was a rope that eventually hung them.

I had a good friend who love ‘Whiter shade’. I loved him almost as much as I hated the song. So, if like me, you enter the Harum song tent with about as much interest as a chicken has in a foxes lair, sit tight, because you are about to be transformed… isn’t what you think it is. Get down to the music review and find out more.

Procol Harum - Procol Harum

  • TITLE: Procol Harum

    ARTIST: Procol Harum

    LABEL: Stateside

    CAT NO: SSSX 340.600

    RELEASED: 1968

    FORMAT: Vinyl LP album

    COUNTRY: France

    GENRE: Rock

    VINYL: Ex

    LABEL: Ex

    COVER: VG+