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Hands up who hasn’t heard of The Small Faces? One of the most influential, iconic bands of the late 60’s. There was a cheeky chappie, pure pop side to them as displayed on Lazy Sunday. But this belies the quality of the music put together by this quartet. Song of a Baker preceding it highlights the completeness, quality and richness of this band’s musical output. Lots of jangly guitar, crashing cymbals, plenty of quirkiness as witnessed by the irrepressible Stanley Unwin on Happiness Stan throughout Side 2, quality rock and a sense of unbridled joy that, for some, epitomised the late 60’s. You can equally find yourself amongst the flowers of San Francisco or a smoky Soho club by listening to this beautiful creation.  

Small Faces - Ogdens nut gone flake

  • TITLE: Ogdens nut gone flake

    ARTIST: The Small Faces

    LABEL: Immediate

    CAT NO: IMLP 012 1Y

    RELEASED: 1968

    FORMAT: Vinyl Gatefold LP album Mono


    GENRE: Rock

    VINYL: VG+

    LABEL: Ex

    COVER: Ex

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