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Anyone reading this post will, I’m sure, have heard of Stephen Stills and there is little to add here that hasn’t been said before. However, if you are dipping your toe into the early 70’s music scene for the first time and want a splash of country, blues, folk and rock (the LP is divided up into 4 themes), then you won’t go far wrong with Manassas. A collaboration of sorts with a couple of guys who played on Déjà vu (CSN&Y), the Flying Burritos, Chris Hillman (original founder of the Byrds) and of course the man himself, who abandoned his solo LP when this crew came together, this was the result of the band going out on tour and creating this LP. Given where the music takes you, it’s like having a 6 course meal from different restaurants all served up in one sitting. Settle back and enjoy the ride.

Stills - Stephen Stills - Manassas

  • TITLE: Manassas

    ARTIST: Stephen Stills

    LABEL: Atlantic

    CAT NO: K60021

    RELEASED: 1972

    FORMAT: Vinyl Gatefold LP album


    GENRE: Folk Rock

    VINYL: Ex

    LABEL: Ex

    COVER: Ex

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