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Dr Strangely Strange (DSS) were an experimental Irish folk group, closely associated with ‘The Incredible String Band’ and were formed in 1967. Dr Strangely Strange kept more focus on melody and structure, than ISB, despite their psychedelic acoustic music and folksy arrangements. A very rare and unusual album from an iconic band who deserve to be remembered for their influence on the shape of folk rock in the UK. Sadly their time of influence was short, despite the fact that they have reformed on occasions and are still playing gigs (mainly in Ireland) still in 2016 – I suspect that these are fantastic events. You can hear the band’s enjoyment and enthusiasm on every track. It is highly recommended due to its uniqueness and rarity.

Dr Strangely Strange - Kip of the serenes

  • TITLE: Kip of the serenes

    ARTIST: Dr Strangely Strange

    LABEL: Island

    CAT NO: ILPS 9106

    RELEASED: 1969 re-issue

    FORMAT: Vinyl LP album


    GENRE: Folk Rock

    VINYL: VG+

    LABEL: Ex

    COVER: VG+

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