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There was no more a tragic figure in the history of music, or probably life, than Judee Sill. A father who died when she was 8, an abusive step-father, a heroin and LSD addiction in her early years coupled with being on the game, and bi-sexual (nothing wrong with being bi-sexual I know, but it just adds to the score); she rivalled Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon, Jackson Browne in terms of her voice and talent. Instead of fame and fortune though, she disappeared out of the music scene after 2 LP’s only to be found dead in a trailer park addicted once more to heroin, strangely forgotten by almost everyone at her old record company. And we think we have problems occasionally. You will know ‘Jesus was a cross maker’. Listen to it again on here against that historical background…

Judee Sill - Judee Sill

  • TITLE: Judee Sill

    ARTIST: Judee Sill

    LABEL: Asylum Records

    CAT NO: Syla 8751

    RELEASED: 1971

    FORMAT: Vinyl gatefold LP Album


    GENRE: Folk Rock

    VINYL: Ex

    LABEL: Ex

    COVER: VG+

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