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This was King Crimson’s second album after Court of the Crimson King and only contained half of the original group. Pete Sinfield dominated the lyric writing and Greg Lake the vocals (prior to his departure to set up ELP). The album is darker than ‘Court of’ but is more poetic with more beautiful arrangements than the original, although it still retains that stark urgency. There are some lovely gentle acoustic songs such as the 2 ‘Peace’ tracks and the gorgeous ‘Cadence and cascade’, with more dynamic numbers in between. The ‘Devil’s triangle’ trio is absolutely brilliant with its menacing approach to evil. ‘Cat food’ is on it own, but showcases the brilliance of Robert Fripp and has Keith Tippett’s fingers flying across the keyboard. The album combines jazz, classical and rock elements throughout and as such is one of the best Prog Rock albums ever released. Absolutely brilliant – turn the sound up and the lights down. Magic.

King Crimson - In the wake of Poseidon

  • TITLE: In the wake of Poseidon

    ARTIST: King Crimson

    LABEL: Island

    CAT NO: ILPS 9127

    RELEASED: 1970

    FORMAT: Vinyl gatefold LP album 1st press


    GENRE: Rock

    VINYL: VG+

    LABEL: VG+

    COVER: VG+

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