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In spite of Harry’s toe-nail is a strange title, but there is nothing strange about this classic piece of prog-rock. The identical Goldring (their name with an added ‘O’ provides the letters for the anagram leading to Gnidrolog) twins lead the band with great support from top musicians – Peter Cowling (Bass and Cello etc) and Nigel Pegrum (drums, plus flute and oboe!). Touches of Van der Graf generator, King Crimson, but the band’s sound is both rich and unique with eerie passages. Quite a prog rock masterpiece – a ‘must hear’.

Gnidrolog - In spite of Harry’s toe-nail

  • TITLE: In spite of Harry’s toe-nail

    ARTIST: Gnidrolog


    CAT NO: SF 8261

    RELEASED: 1972

    FORMAT: Vinyl LP gatefold album


    GENRE: Rock

    VINYL: VG+

    LABEL: Ex

    COVER: VG+

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