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Climbing out of bed, late Sunday. Heavy night. Coffee on the hob, curtains still drawn. A little soothing music one feels to awaken oneself from the slumber. Ah a left over from last week’s session. Let’s give Gentle Giant a pop. 15 minutes later, bouncing off the ceiling, I’m awake. Not quite the introduction to the day I had hoped… 

Gentle Giant - Gentle Giant

  • TITLE: Gentle Giant

    ARTIST: Gentle Giant

    LABEL: Vertigo

    CAT NO: 6360 020 matrix :- 6360020 1Y//1 ^420 13

    RELEASED: 1970

    FORMAT: Vinyl LP gatefold album


    GENRE: Rock

    VINYL: VG+

    LABEL: Ex

    COVER: VG+

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