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Love, led by Albert Lee, were to release, exactly one year after Da Capo, an LP acclaimed by many to be the best rock record of all time. So where better to start than Da Capo. Considered by many to be the top notch psychedelic rock band of all time, you can see why the likes of The Doors were influenced by this band in their early years. It ripples with typical 60’s riffs and guitar playing and it is not hard to see from the music, why drugs were not very far away, later playing  a heavy role in the lives of Ken Forssi (bass) and John Echols (lead) as they allegedly pawned their kit to fuel their heroin addiction. But less of the peripheral stuff. Let’s get down to what the LP consists of – take a peek at the review section

Love - Da capo

  • TITLE: Da Capo

    ARTIST: Love

    LABEL: Elektra

    CAT NO: EKL-4005 (mono)

    RELEASED: 1966

    FORMAT: Vinyl LP album


    GENRE: Rock


    LABEL: Ex


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