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Back in the day I used to spend most Saturdays’ in a record shop somewhere or other, flicking through the LP’s on offer. On many occasion I would come away with an LP because the cover appealed. And I feel this fits exactly that bill. In some ways, pretty ordinary, but for some of us it would have had kerb appeal. Sadly this one by passed me and it’s a shame, as it has heaps to offer. Skip the first track, the meaningful stuff kicks in with Party pieces – Track 2. More in the review section….

Chapman - Michael Chapman - Deal Gone Down

  • TITLE: Deal Gone Down

    ARTIST: Michael Chapman

    LABEL: Deram

    CAT NO: SML1114

    RELEASED: 1974

    FORMAT: Vinyl LP album


    GENRE: Folk Rock

    VINYL: Ex

    LABEL: Ex

    COVER: VG+

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