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Gary Wright, credited with playing piano and organ on here, together with Mike Jones who plays guitar were forming a short lived band in 1971 called Wonderwheel. Gary, a member of Spooky Tooth (see Spooky Two LP), together with Jerry Donahue who played with Fairport Convention, are probably the best known figures credited with performing on this LP. So the fact this LP was released in 1971, seems somewhat strange especially as it is penned under Browne’s name, someone who appears to have flown under the radar, as I can find absolutely no information whatsoever about him. Why, when forming your own band and releasing music would you appear on another offering?

It is recorded on the Vertigo label, which if my memory serves me correct, supported the likes of Black Sabbath in the 70’s so Thomas F. Browne definitely had his admirers in certain quarters. Vertigo had its origins in the UK and was considered to be one of the foremost record labels in the world with a very distinctive black and white swirl as its logo. On this LP it appears on one side of the label – see picture.

So, as the mystery deepens in terms of Thomas F. Browne, let’s see how it sounds…

Browne - Thomas F. Browne - Wednesday's Child

  • TITLE: Wednesday's Child

    ARTIST: Thomas F. Browne

    LABEL: Vertigo

    CAT NO: VEL 1011

    RELEASED: 1971

    FORMAT: Vinyl LP gatefold album - American release


    GENRE: Rock


    LABEL: Ex


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