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It is no reflection of your musical knowledge if you have never heard of Anne Briggs. Dragged into a recording studio to record this, it’s on record as suggesting it was like caging a wild animal. Walls and studios were not her style but you would not know it listening to this. And the other surprise? The quality of the vinyl is so good that it’s almost like you were there. Albeit some minor background crackle, nothing can you hear other than the perfection of the recording on Side 1 and it’s almost the same on Side 2. See the music review section for more info….

Briggs Anne - Anne Briggs

  • TITLE: Anne Briggs

    ARTIST: Anne Briggs

    LABEL: Topic

    CAT NO: 12T 207 (mono)

    RELEASED: 1971

    FORMAT: Vinyl LP Album


    GENRE: Folk

    VINYL: VG+

    LABEL: Ex

    COVER: Ex

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