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I am sure we have all looked forward to our favourite band releasing a live LP, especially if any of us were lucky enough to have attended the gig in question. And I’m sure that queue of people is only slightly shorter when it comes to being massively disappointed at the lack of quality from the band and especially the sound technicians in capturing those precious few hours. Well, forget all that, sit back, relax and be transfixed by how amazingly powerful this is on both counts. What a genuinely brilliant example this is, of being back in the concert hall on May 5th 1973, especially at such an iconic venue as The Rainbow in Finsbury Park, North London. I know we allegedly landed on the moon only 4 years earlier, but equipment, sound quality, engineering and live shows in those days were not a patch on what they have since become. Utterly brilliant and no wonder this is regarded as one of their best LP’s. It’s not only that. It’s one of the best LIVE LP’s I’ve ever heard.

Focus - At the Rainbow

  • TITLE: At the Rainbow

    ARTIST: Focus

    LABEL: Polydor

    CAT NO: 2442 118 Deluxe

    RELEASED: 1973

    FORMAT: Vinyl LP album


    GENRE: Rock

    VINYL: VG+

    LABEL: Ex


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