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I had an affinity to this band as soon as I opened the packaging. Having been born a few miles down the road from Hull, I was interested in this even before it hit the turntable. But even before my excitement kicked in, my immediate thought was how much they charged for live appearances. Why? Well, unless they were careful, given the numbers credited in making this LP, everyone would be returning home with a tenner after expenses.

In short, it’s simple, melodic, and cosy. Upon reading the sleeve notes it appears that was the primary intention. All recorded in one day, using one microphone with everyone in one room together. It’s a throwback to original bluegrass style music but leaning more towards the Irish, Scottish and English roots rather than its American counterpart. David Tattersall wrote these songs quickly and some work beautifully and others sound a little like a first cut version. But putting that into perspective against the original intention, it is an LP full of surprises and intrigue. Check it out.

Sadly, or maybe understandably if you have ever visited, they aren’t from Hull.

The Wave Pictures - A season in Hull

  • TITLE: A season in Hull

    ARTIST: The Wave Pictures

    LABEL: Wymeswold

    CAT NO: WymeswoldLP01

    RELEASED: 2015

    FORMAT: Vinyl LP album with insert


    GENRE: Rock

    VINYL: Ex

    LABEL: Ex

    COVER: Ex

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