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At Vinyl Seconds we are passionate about vinyl music. The sound is paramount. We offer three distinct services: we sell high quality vinyl that has been deep cleaned; we buy vinyl and we deep clean vinyl using a VPI Cyclone Record Cleaning Machine - the only one of its type in South Wales.


Each album we sell will have been played, tested and the results detailed against each album, to ensure that you know exactly what to expect from your purchase.

At Vinyl Seconds we buy, sell and clean vinyl.



Each album that we sell will have been play tested and the results will be clearly detailed against each album, to the best of our ability. The gradings given are in line with the Record Collector's Guide.


Images are provided to give visual appreciation of covers and vinyl.


All albums for sale have been cleaned using a VPI Cyclone Record Cleaning Machine which deep cleans the vinyl.


You can view our full vinyl collection for sale by clicking on the link below where you can search by album, artist or through our Folk, Rock and Folk Rock collections.



Don't let your vinyl go to waste. You can convert attic vinyl into cash by selling your albums to us. 


Please contact us for more information and a quote and we'll talk about how much your vinyl is worth and will provide you with a quote.




To get the best sound from your vinyl, it is recommended that your collection is professionally deep cleaned every five years.


At Vinyl Seconds we deep clean vinyl thoroughly using a VPI Cyclone Record Cleaning machine. The Cyclone record cleaning machine vacuums dirt off the record clockwise and counter clockwise to really clean out the grooves. The bidirectional turntable motor scrubs and vacuums in both directions for the ultimate in deep cleaning.


If you would like to improve the sound and condition of your vinyl, then please contact us for a cleaning quote. You can read more about our cleaning services by clicking on the link below.

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